Mammoth Lakes – Week 3

Week 3 of the Black Jack Mammoth Altitude Training Camp has come and gone, flying by faster than a team of speedy roller skiers. Packed tight with plenty of fun, including an enjoyable day on the bikes, another trip down to Bishop, a hot roller ski through the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, tough roller ski intensity at Paradise, a weights session (where we all managed to lift a solid 20% more than usual – who knows how…), another lung busting ski striding intensity in Bishop, and a great 3 hour turned 6 hour “recovery” run near the Minaret Mountains spent backtracking to find a lost and distressed Grace. Luckily, all four, and two, legged creatures made it back in the van safely. After completing our time in California, we packed up, roller skied for a few hours at June Lake, and jumped in the van to begin the long trip home. As usual, we broke up the driving with a fun road bike ride in Northern Washington to keep the training up and the monotonous driving tolerable.

Up next: Frozen Thunder

Enjoy some photos from the last week:


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