US Junior Nationals – Day 2 – Skate Mass Start

The Black Jack Squad had a phenomenal day of distance racing today. Although the racing conditions at Soldier Hollow were rather unfavourable, the team managed to pull off some impressive races. By the time the J1 Class started at around 11:00 am, the course was chewed up and slow, and was even worse when the OJ Boys raced an hour later. It was a long, grueling 10 and 15 km for the Black Jack athletes, but most were satisfied with their results. David Palmer was the star of the day, with a very close second place in the MOJ division. It was a very exciting race. David had an extensive lead for the greater duration of the race. “Catch your lazy ass up to that damn Canadian!”, was the cheer uttered by one angry American coach. It was a sprint to the finish, with 0.3 s between first and second. Julien and Peter had very good finishes in this 15 km mass start race as well. Shawn was able to race today in the J1 boys 10 km. Jill and Susanne were satisfied with their races. Overall, it was an exciting, successful day for the Black Jack racers on day 2 of the US Junior Nationals.


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