Fall Cross Country Running

On September 23rd 2015, the first cross-country running race of the season was held at Mt. Sentinel, where kids ages 10-18 raced on the trails at Slocan Pools. Our first cross-country race had only a few Black Jackers present, but they were soon joined at at the 2nd and 3rd races at L.V.R. by the rest of the junior racers as well as other racers from Nelson, New Denver, Salmo and Mt. Sentinel. At all three races Jasmine won and Sophie placed 3rd in the junior girls category, Michaela won the senior girls with Chiaki in 2nd, Sage in 3rd and Remi placed 2nd in the senior boys. The 4th race was held at the Salmo ski hill where Jasmine once again won and Sophie placed 2nd in the junior girls, Chiaki won the senior girls with Sage and Michaela placing 2nd and 3rd and Remi once again won 2nd in his category. The last race in the West Kootenays was held on our very own Black Jack ski trails. The running races ended with both Jasmine and Sage winning their categories and Michaela and Chiaki placing 2nd and 3rd in the senior girls, it all ended with good results and lots of fun for the Black Jackers.



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