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The Blackjack Ski Club and Team Blackjack are based in Rossland, BC. The Blackjack Ski Club has run successful elite programming for many years. In fact two Canadian Olympic team members grew up in Rossland and trained here in their junior years.

Many skiers from the Blackjack club have won National Championships, and have represented Canada as members of World Championship teams.


Julien Locke - 3rd National Championships - Skate Sprint
Julien Locke – 3rd National Championships – Skate Sprint

In the past years Team Blackjack started as there was a need for a home for senior racers that had come up through the programs in Rossland.  The current programming is a mix of junior and senior athletes, that follow individualized training and programming.

Junior RacingSenior Race Team

This continues to work well as Blackjack skiers continue to be members of World Championship teams and fight for the podiums at the Noram and Supertour events

Currently we have openings for some additional skiers.

If you are interested in a top level program with personalized programming  be in contact with

Rob Grey – [email protected]
Dave Wood – [email protected]


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