Eastern Canadian Championships

Following the Western Canadian Championships in Canmore, David Palmer and Julien Locke flew across the country for the Eastern Canadian Championships. The event was well contended with most of the country in attendance. David lead the charge on the first day, Feb 4th, 2012, with a 4th place finish in the Junior Men’s 15km Skate individual start while Julien Locke finished in 10th. Day two was 1400m Skate Sprints on a fast, twisty and tight course. Julien qualified in 2nd for Junior Men (7th in Open Men) and David in 21st. In the heats David moved up to 18th while Julien got tangled up in a crash in the final to finish 5th. The final day of competition was a 30km Handicap start to finish off the Eastern’s “Mini Tour.” David finished off the tour as the 5th Junior in the overall after racing to the 5th fastest stage time. Julien started the day in 8th and skied the 9th fastest time to finish 11th overall.

Thanks to Jo-Ann Holden for the photo. Check out more of her work at www.musicianonskis.ca.


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