Notes on Spring

The spring has flown by, it seems like just a couple weeks ago that we were racing in Quebec and the world was melting around us. Those weeks of relaxing and no structured training gave everyone a chance to relax and catch up on some of the things we had been neglecting, i.e. school work, drumming, and millions of (bleh) scholarship applications.

On the other hand, it’s amazing how quickly I missed training and wanted to get back into it. I love the fact that each spring feels like a new start, that we can look back at our year from a different perspective and pick out those things we need to work on. It also offers a chance to do some of those kinds of trainings that we won’t do much of the rest of the year, road biking, canoeing ect. Julien, Peter, David, Robyn, and I headed over to race the Ski2Sea in Kelowna, which is pretty similar to the PolePedalPaddle which has been getting so much hype in Bend, Oregon. Check out Julien’s post with Robyn’s pictures in the last post.

The weather in springtime is definitely bipolar. It seems like everyday is a mix of sun, clouds, rain, and even hail. On my bike ride yesterday the sun was shining all the way up to the Summit(still lots of snow up there), until the storm gods decided it should cloud over and rain while I descended. So. Cold.

On another note, after months of torturous waiting, I’ve finally figured out where I’m going to school! I’m super excited to be headed to Middlebury to ski and work on my edu-maca-tion. It’s going to be tricky figuring out how to balance my health, skiing, and school…with all the exciting things going on at Middlebury I’m sure I’ll be insanely busy!




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