The Best Year of My Life(So Far)


Thank you to everyone who made this year possible and who believed in what I was doing. To my parents who have supported me financially, and taught me to love the mountains and skiing. To Dave and Tammie Gibson, and Bernie Hoffman and Karen Lavender, and their kids, who treated me like family and made a home for me in Rossland. To Bernie for convincing me I love writing. To Dave Wood, for teaching me what it means to be a skier. And most of all, to David, Peter, Julien, Jill, Susanne, Sierra, Shawn, and Daniel. You were the greatest(most swag, dope, and bitchin’) friends and teammates I could ask for, and made this year the best. Thanks.


I will seize each day and hour 

Leaving no stone unturned.


I will stand with glorious fervor

On mountains built of pride.


I will leave no doubts in my wake,

Floating like dustmotes in the afternoon sun.


I will have the courage to find out who I am

And dive deep into the work of exploring life.


I won’t settle for less than I can achieve;

Chasing my dream is my purpose,


Flowing through my actions like the blood through my veins.

I will treasure those who journeyed with me


And be honest to them and to myself.

I will live with an eye on the future and my heart in today.


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