Kaslo Training Camp

With all the exhausting hot weather, Team BlackJack spent a week at Kaslo with some great athletes from Canmore, Strathcona and Winsport.

Cooler conditions gave us a great environment for working on hard training in Kaslo. Each training was really good with solid performance. This included running with new friends, hiking up Whitewater Canyon, roller skiing on the highways surrounding Kaslo, tough pole striding intensity, and mountain and road biking. After each training we all jumped in Kootenay Lake for our body recover, cool off, and get ready for the next workout.

There were over 50 athletes at the camp, but Keith Robine did a wonderful job of providing us all with delicious food.

Thank you very much to all the coaches and parent volunteers that made this camp happen and hopefully we will be back in Kaslo next year for another great training camp.

We are going to the Haig Glacier camp next week and we can’t wait to ski on the snow!

~ Chiaki Yamamoto

Thanks to our friend Russell Kennedy for the group shot.


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