July Haig Glacier Camp

Following the Kaslo Dryland camp, team Black Jack returned home for a couple of days. Training in Rossland consisted of (sleeping in our own beds!) a 3 hour plus run on the seven summits trail as well as a classic roller ski up to the Nancy Greene summit. As the Team made its way to Canmore, weather forecasts looked threatening and there was a definite chance that the helicopter supplying the camp with food, propane and the team’s bags wouldn’t fly. On the day of departure the weather outside was gloomy, chances were slim, however despite 40 mile an hour winds the helicopter pilot decided to give it a go. As it happens luck was on our side and the helicopter made it to the camp. Once at the camp the days consisted of morning skis and afternoon runs, all ski training was technique focused.

“The coolest thing is that you can ski in a t-shirt (on snow in July) and not freeze at all.”

Skiing on the Haig is like enhanced spring skiing. In the morning the track in bullet proof, fast forward two hours and it’s the complete opposite. Because of these challenging conditions it is the perfect opportunity to improve technique. In short if you can ski with good technique on the Haig Glacier then you can ski with good technique anywhere in the world. Because of the camp’s remote location there is not much to do but focus on executing good training, afternoon naps, card games and heli pad stretching sessions were the norm. That’s not to say the team didn’t have fun. Many members of the team entered into the Haig’s weekly Talent show known as “HAIG IDOL”! In fact Remi and Daniel took top honors with their rendition of Alan Partridges 90s talk show “Knowing me knowing you”. All in all the Haig camp was a success, the team came away from the camp better prepared for the season ahead then they were when the left for it.

~ Daniel


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