August Rossland Training Camp

Subsequent a successful Haig Glacier camp, in July, we planned to return to the site in August.  However, due to hot weather, the glacier was closed for the summer before we could go back.  This was an unfortunate, but not unexpected turn of events, and we had considered what we would do if something like this were to happen.  Having considered other trips, such as hiking in the area around Mt. Assiniboine, we decided that the best course of action would be to remain at home to keep costs low while still achieving great training.  Rossland may not be the Haig Glacier, but its vast network of well-maintained trails, and recently paved roads make it a fantastic place for dry-land training.

On the camp plan was a multitude of running and roller-skiing sessions, as well as the occasional trip to the gym.  The first week of training went mostly as planned.  We had good weather, and many, many pictures were taken.  It was a good week to take advantage of our famous local Seven Summits trail.  We were able to do our long distance training up there. One of the highlights of the camp was the day we spent in Christina Lake where we were lucky to be invited by the Simms at their lake cabin.  We had lots of fun jumping into the lake and were served a delicious lunch.  Colin put up quite a spectacle, achieving a double front flip off the diving board.

Encroaching smoke from surrounding forest fires had forced us to change locations for several training sessions during the first week.  The second week brought even more smoke that shrouded the entire region, and air quality levels that would put Beijing to shame.  Training outside could have been harmful, so the team was confined to the interior to run on treadmills for hours on end.  “Too much smoke!” was what our coach, Dave, said when asked what he thought about the camp.  Despite this, he says that we were able to adapt well to unfortunate conditions and had good training by all.



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