Mammoth Lakes – Week 1: Photo Blog

So, Mammoth again. Last year we had a couple heavily worded posts with a few pictures on the side. But if there’s one thing for which Black Jack is arbitrarily known, it’s variety. This time around, due to excessive pumpkin recipes from an 8kg fiendish squash and working on flexibility, we don’t have time to write so we’re putting in multiple 1000 word pieces in the form of pictures.

For your viewing pleasure:


Day 1 – Rollerski distance training in Orovada, NV

Rollerskiing up the Minaret Rd to Mammoth Mtn

Run to Mammoth Rock with photo on top

Duck Lake run after roller skiing. Day began at 2200m, capped out at nearly 3300m.

Recovery nights camping in Bishop, California

Ski bounding intensity in the dunes near Bishop

So there you have it. A 49,000 word post. Some of the finer snippets of our heavy training in our first week. For those with longer tentacles into social media, we’ve been posting regularly on our Instagram @ raceblackjack with our trendy #mammothmagic


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