Kimberley Fall Camp

Following the Revelstoke camp some of the Black Jack members such as Remi, Chiaki, Michaela, Sophie and the track attackers headed over to Kimberley for the weekend. Unfortunately Bronwyn and Sage were unable to attend the camp this year.

The camp started off with a two hour bike ride, most people road biked but a few mountain biked. Once back up to the ski trails the skiers had a hard strength session. After the strength session we talked to a nutritionist who gave us some very useful information on what types of food we should be eating before and after training and race days.

On Saturday the skiers had a three hour roller ski session. The older skiers did a kings court sprint race and a relay and the younger skiers worked on their technique. For some of the younger skiers it was one of their first time on roller skis and they had a blast. The Kimberley team provided lots of yummy goodies after the hard workout. When we got back up to the camping area there was a delicious lunch set up. Some of the older athletes worked on their homework for a bit while the younger athletes played some games outside. The afternoon workout consisted of some team building activities and a fun game of ultimate frisbee. Sadly my team didn’t win but we all had a lot of fun cheering each other on. After the fun workout session we had a yoga instructor come and teach us some yoga positions and stretches. That night all the skiers from the camp had a big potluck everyone ate a ton and laughed uncontrollably. Most people went to bed fairly early that night but some of the younger skiers stayed up and played a fun game called “man tracker”.

The next morning we were up early for an activation run and then a hard core session before our two and a half hour “run around the mountain”. The run was a lot of fun but unfortunately there wasn’t much of a view. When the run was finished everyone ate lunch and then packed up the tents and equipment. Before everyone headed home the younger Black Jack members wanted to stop and go to a coffee shop where there is a yodeller outside. We spent quite a bit of time there. After everyone was satisfied and the parents had their coffee we hit the road.

Thanks to Frank Ackermann, Graham McLean, and Nicole Perrin for being such good coaches. Thanks to all the parents and who helped out with the cooking and the driving. Overall the camp was a great success once again.

 ~ Michaela


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