Mammoth Lakes – Week 2

Week two of are high altitude training camp in Mammoth Lakes California and all athletes taking part in the camp are here. Days consist of long training hours roller skiing, running and road biking. As well as many recovery hours, we have kept on top of taking training photos but we haven’t taken a ton of recovery photos, (mostly because photos of us sleeping would be quite boring). Some of the training highlights this week have included a 4-5 hour combo skate roller ski and run in the rain and SNOW! As well as classic roller ski up Tioga pass when the team climbed a total of 1700 meters.

One of the non skiing related benefits of this camp is that younger athletes like myself and Kayden Sim have gained solo cooking experience. On that note we will leave you with some pictures from this past week.

Here is what team member Scott Fraser had to say about week 2:

“We explored some cool new places including a snowy hike up Mono Pass to a personal record 3675 meters. As well as finding out what the town of Mammoth Lakes has to offer.”

Scott Fraser


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