Haig Camp

Once again this year team Black Jack had the opportunity to do its annual August high altitude training camp up at the Beckie Scott High Altitude Training Centre. This camp is not only beneficial to us as ski racers because of the high altitude, but the ski conditions provide a good environment for working on the many technical aspects of skiing. With snow conditions extremely hard and icy in the mornings, and warming up to one big slushy in the late morning to early afternoon. When conditions are extreme such as at the Haig glacier skiers tend to struggle with their technique, that’s why this camp is quite useful. There are opportunities to come away from this camp with many improved skills in all aspects of skiing technical, physical and mental. Every one worked hard to improve to improve there selfs as a skier. Over all it made for a fun filled week of heavy training, heavy napping and heavy eating with lots of cards, movies and disk golf. Thanks to Paul, Dave and the camp staff for making it all possible.


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